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Charles & Alan Probst
Alan Probst

The host, Alan Probst, has experience in two parts. First, a deep family tradition that traces back to his Great-Grandfather who was a hunter, trapper and lure maker. Secondly, his own outdoor experiences over the last 30 years have taught him a tremendous amount of outdoor knowledge as well. After running his first trapline at the age of seven, it has been all about the outdoors since.  Alan was a Bio-Chemistry Fisheries Science major in college before embarking on a ten year professional baseball career (1992-2001) with the Houston Astros, Toronto Blue Jays, and NY Mets. He is the owner/operator of Alan Probst, Inc. which has produced four different outdoor television programs. 

The company has fully produced the All Outdoors TV show for the last six years as well as the North American Trapper TV show, the Sportsmens Outdoor Strategies TV show, the Hunt Doctor TV show and the Hlathini Safari's African Adventures TV show.  The combined reach of these programs is over 200 million HH's and aired broadcasts on DirecTV, Dish Network, Versus, The Men's Channel, Lone Star Network, ICTV, The Sportsman Channel, The Pursuit Channel, Canadian WildTV and FoxSportsNet.

Alan has also written professionally for the Pennsylvania Outdoor Times on a monthly basis as well as periodic features for other national publications such as Fur-Fish-Game.  The All Outdoors show looks to educate the public and maintain an outdoors approach that will give outdoorsman a voice to be heard. Alan lives his life by a code and that is to "Never take from nature…just take what nature gives you!"

Charles Probst
Alan's father Charlie is no stranger to the show as well.  After teaching for over 30 years and moonlighting as a State Park Ranger for over 25 years, he has extensive knowledge that he passes to the viewer in all of his segments.  If he isn't fishing a trout stream or hunting spring gobblers, he is probably behind the camera filming an exciting segment or trip that is being broadcast.  Alan has learned many things about the outdoors from his dad and that is what created his relentless passion for the outdoors that has carried on for decades. The All Outdoors show looks to Charlie to provide you the viewer the knowledge that he has passed on to Alan as his father did for him.
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